Agernhaven 2K

2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

STEM Education


Our Integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education focuses on providing learners with open-ended, real-life problems to solve. This creates an atmosphere where learners can make mistakes, take things apart, and learn through play and doing. For younger learners we have a Maker Space and hands-on activities at their level that help them learn how to ask questions, communicate what they see, make predictions, and analyze the outcomes.  

We integrate STEM problem-based teachings into our Units of Work and students are actively involved in the learning process. We have an inclusive culture where learners and teachers share both successes and failures, respect others’ ideas, and understand that multicultural worldviews of how the world is interconnected help us understand the natural world better and allow us to think outside of the box. Our staff is continually trained in the latest STEM education developments and we focus on STEM partnerships with other schools worldwide, as well as, partners in Denmark. Every autumn, we have a STEM Careers Family Day in collaboration with schools in other countries where learners and their families can learn about STEM careers from STEM professionals.

All year groups also have coding Units where  communicating in technological languages is learned. This creates a base that we use in our integrated STEM to increasingly solve more complex problems.

We also offer extracurricular clubs that focus on STEM outside of the integrated classroom. Our Mad Scientist Club allows learners across ages to engage in larger project-based challenges in a fun exploratory manner. Our Outdoor STEAM club allows learners to use the natural world to find questions, observe closely, and constru


ct their own experiments to try and find answers to their questions. These STEM based extra-curricular clubs occur after school hours and are available to learners outside of the VIS community as well as learners from our school.