Agernhaven 2K

2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

School Fees


School Fees : DKK 2800 per month per child

(School fees are divided into DKK 600 and DKK 2200 for administrative purposes)

New families need to provide the school with their child’s Danish CPR or CDR number and registered address (as stated on the yellow Health Insurance Card, “Sundhedskort”) on or before 1st September. After 1st September, the school can not obtain state funding and you will be charged DKK 6000 per month as school fee for the rest of the academic year

Before-school care fees: DKK 300 per month per child

After-school care fees: DKK 1200 per month per child

Combined Before and After-school care fees: DKK 1350 per month per child

All fees stated above are applicable for academic session 2021-22.