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Meet Our Team

Dr. Kari Doyle, Principal

She has lived in the US, Belgium, and Denmark. She has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the US. She has worked as a Community College Professor, high school science teacher, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Trained Teacher, and Middle Years Program Trained Teacher; before leading VIS. The most exciting thing at VIS is, “Building an excellent community for all stakeholders in which we all can grow and be our best selves.” Her top book recommendation is ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ by Judi Barrett because, “It is so outrageous, plus I love food!”

Jenny Hudson Vismark, Vice Principal

Jenny has lived in the US, Sweden, England, Spain, & Denmark. She speaks English and Danish. She has a BS in Elementary and Special Education from the US and a MS in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management from Denmark. She has been a primary classroom teacher, special needs teacher and director, a PYP Coordinator, and Pedagogical leader in her 20 years in education. Jenny thinks VIS is unique because “we believe so much in building the whole person that I think we have created a unique community of adults and children that feel valued and special. I love seeing children across age groups greet each other, hug our school dog, and high five staff as part of their natural transitions throughout the day. Her top book recommendation is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle because it is so wildly imaginative that it sweeps its reader away into a world of impossible odds, family ties, and learning to accept and embrace yourself.

Tanja Jensen, Coordinator

Tanja has lived in Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Syria, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Ireland, & Australia. She speaks Danish, English, as well as, some French and Arabic. She has a BS in Politics from the UK and a MS in American Studies from Denmark. She has worked for multiple American embassies processing visas and immigration rules and the British Red Cross in administration, project management and social work. “My previous roles equipped me to navigate most government legislation, set processes and workflows, look for opportunities for funding, and manage administrative requirements of organizations. Schools that are just starting out have such great opportunities for developing in accordance with the latest research on how kids learn and grow holistically and creating social and learning environments not just based on 'this is how we've always done things' but on what we now know about children's optimal learning and development. It's exciting to watch these ideas incorporated into the school culture.” Her top book recommendation is “Mathilda by Ronald Dahl. It so full of humor and wonderful characters. I think lots of children can relate to the Mathilda character. The whole book is great for conversational topics about starting school as a young child.”

Angelika Cullen, IPC 1 Teacher & Early Years Lead

Angelika has lived in Poland, Germany, England, and Denmark. She speaks English, Polish, German, and some Danish. She has a B.S in Psychology and a PGCE from the UK. Angelika has been a class assistant, led the Early Years programme, and now is our Early Years Lead. She feels that “VIS is a school with the community and wellness of its children and staff at its heart. The ideology of the school is reflected in the teaching and day-to-day running. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this unique opportunity and contribute to its growth. Seeing young children thrive in the secure and immersive environment we provide makes me very proud to be a teacher here.” Her top book recommendation is ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett. “It's a wonderful book about the wonder of the natural world and our belief and faith in one another.”

Karen Reinhold Bjørkø, Danish & Kunst Teacher

Karen Reinhold Bjørkøe is Danish. She completed her degree in Psychology and Performance Design from Denmark and degree in acting from UK. A stage performer herself, Karen has several years of experience in teaching various age-groups, from performing music and movement activities in kindergarten to teaching theatre/ drama for highschool students. Karen incorporates VIS’ mission of teaching Danish beyond traditional teaching methodology, through structured but fun activities.

Keidi Õunap Rohr, IPC 2 & Musik Teacher

Keidi Õunap completed her teaching degree from Denmark in English, Music and PE; she also holds AMI diploma. Keidi worked both as Kindergarten teacher as well as Music and Sports teacher in Denmark. Keidi speaks both English and Danish and through her lessons, she incorporates VIS’ aim to teach “Danish beyond classroom”.

Kristin Barron, School Counselor, ASC Lead, Well-being Teacher

Kristin has lived in the US, England, Switzerland, and Denmark. She speaks English, Spanish, and Danish. She has a B.S. Psychology and M.S. Psychology both from the US. While in the US she has been the Director of an After School Program and also a School Counselor. In Europe she has been the counselor for several sports teams. Kristin describes VIS as a unique place where diverse cultures and people become one community. Her top book recommendation is Oh the places you'll go by Dr. Suess This book was given to me by my parents at my high school graduation and it is inspirational and relevant at any age. As I see our students at VIS grow, I often think to myself...”oh the places you'll go.”

Francesco Canato, IPC 3 Teacher

Francesco has lived in Italy, England, and Denmark. He speaks Italian, English, French, a bit of Spanish and is learning Danish. He has a BS in Primary Education from Italy. “I love the family climate that I can experience every day I come to school. I love saying good morning to everyone, and listening to the kids. The thing that I like the most is that they know and trust all the adults and they seem all enjoy to come to school! In this way, teaching and learning is way more easy and effective.” His top book recommendation is ‘Pinocchio’, because I like how he completely changes himself even if he makes a lot of (funny) mistakes. I also recommend ‘The Little Prince’ because I like to discuss with the kids about the different characters that he meets. I love the friendship part with the fox and the character of the lonely king!”

Lauren Megarry, IPC 4 Teacher, Maths and Sciences Lead, & Intern Supervisor

Lauren has lived in Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden, & Denmark. She speaks English and a little Swedish. She has a BSc In Applied Marine Biology and a PGCE in Science, both from the UK. She has taught Science, Biology, Math, and Technology. As an expat reasonably new to Denmark, Lauren writes about the importance of "the caring, community vibe here at VIS. Staff care a lot about the children and their wellbeing and this shows in the relationships. We look after each other and work hard to help our students grow academically, emotionally and socially. Seeing how our students grow and develop throughout the year is a real pleasure and privilege!" Her top book recommendation is Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem. "The beautiful, intricate illustrations and sweet stories make for the perfect bedtime story."

Melisa Gigena, Dansk som andetsprog, Languages Lead, & Vikar Supervisor

Melisa has lived in Argentina, the US, and Denmark. She speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and Danish. She has a MS in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Spain and a BS in English Language and Literature from Argentina. She has taught English, Spanish, and Danish in many different settings. VIS feels like home because of the “energy and dedication of all the teachers, how we support each other and the VIS community, which feels like a big family.” Her top book recommendation is ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry because it is a book that you can read at any age and always learn something from it.

Kayleigh Forster, Learning Support & Idræt Teacher


Dorothy Anti Boasiako, Learning Support & English as an Additional Language Teacher

Dorothy has lived in Ghana and Denmark. She speaks Twi, English, and Danish. From Denmark, she has a MA in African Studies and from Ghana she has a MA in English Literature and a BA in English and Sociology. The aspect of VIS that excites her the most is “that VIS provides an all-inclusive, fun and conducive environment for learning and a wholistic development of our students, while keeping up with modern trends. Our students are the loveliest, and so I always look forward to going work: to be an instrumental part of their social and intellectual development.” Her top book recommendations include any of the Disney Classics but her favorite is ‘The Lion King’ by Justine Korman.

Tony Velez, After School Club

Tony has lived in the US and Denmark. He speaks English, Spanish, and Danish. He has an AA in arts. Tony recommends VIS because “Everyone is so warm/welcoming and we all have a great fun time together. The children are especially fun to be around.” His top book recommendation is “Any book from Dr. Seuss because there are very good lessons to learn from them.”

Nikolaos Andrikopoulos, Transportation

Nikos has lived in Greece, Denmark, Slovakia, and Portugal. He speaks Greek and English. He has a BS in Pastoral and Social Theology and MS in Theology, both from Greece. Additionally, he has a BS in Education from Denmark. He has been a youth activities counselor, an acoustic guitar teacher, and event manager. He has taught English, Music, Math, and Natural Science. He sees VIS as “a multicultural school where the diversity of the students and the staff is not an obstacle, but a reason to celebrate. Students and teachers are actively involved in a community where all its members collaborate to create an inclusive and safe place for all. Within this community, the teacher can observe young learners thrive and develop both academically and socially.” His top book recommendation is "The three little wolves and the big bad pig" by Eugene Trivizas. It is the “overturning of a classic fairytale that challenges students' perspectives and enables a different point of view.”

Saga, Student Welfare Support

Saga has lived in the US and Denmark. She fluently speaks the languages of: Dog, Love, and Food. She is a certified Good Citizen Dog, and Emotional Support Dog. “I was a support therapy Dog at a special needs school, they said I did a good job. Sometimes you need hugs from a doggy before you can leave your mommy or daddy for the school day. I'm excited to help my kids at school feel more comfortable and help them show their feelings and also that it’s ok to feel sad or scared but I am here for them. I also get excited when kids drop food on the floor.” Her top book recommendation is School Dog, Cool Dog by Deborah Heiligman “This book shows that sometimes our first thoughts about dogs are not always correct, and that sometimes we can be scared too. However if we work together, we can help each other.”

Sharanya Bharath

Sharanya has lived in India and Denmark and speaks Tamil, Hindi, and English. She has a MS in Economics from India and a Certificate in Early Education Leadership from the US. She has taught at an international school, designed curriculum and lesson plans for an Ed-Tech firm, and helped translate Khan Academy videos to the local language. Shranya feels that VIS is unique because of the people. “The school is welcoming to anyone who wants to be a part of it. It is a great place to learn about different cultures and people. I look forward to coming to VIS every day, to spend time with the kids, understand where they come from, and learn from each other. Anyone who spends a day with the kids and teachers at VIS will fall in love with the school! Such is the energy.” Her top book recommendations are ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl and the ‘Harry Potter’ series. “Both of these books help a child fantasize and imagine a world of endless possibilities.”