Agernhaven 2K

2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


At VIS we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) combined with the Danish National Curriculum to create an environment that is child centered and rich in learning opportunities.

The IPC focuses on a skills-based approach to prepare our children for the fast-changing world they will be living in. The principle of the IPC is to focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning goals which results in holistic, personalized learning while making the learning exciting, interactive and meaningful.

The IPC is a thematic curriculum; each unit of work is based on themes which are relevant and appropriate for each age-group. Linking subjects means that children can make lots of connections with their learning. The more connections the brain can make, the better a child can learn.

We believe in nurturing the whole child through our IPC personal goals, which aim to make children: Adaptable, a Collaborator, a Communicator, Empathetic, Ethical, Resilient, Respectful, and a Thinker. At VIS we have added a 9th personal goal which is to be an Advocate for the Universal Rights of the Child.