Agernhaven 2K

2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

Danish Language

Danish Language

We heavily use the Fælles Mål (National Curriculum) to determine our learning and assessment.

Our courses that are the equivalent of Danish subject instruction in Danish schools (Dansk som i dansk skole) cater to both native and immigrant children. We follow the Fælles Mål, use Danish teaching materials, and Danish pedagogical approaches. Choosing to come to our school allows the unique experience of applying Danish ideals of democracy, critical thinking, and student independence in an international environment that is still integrated into Danish society.

In Danish as an Additional Language (Dansk som andetsprog) courses we combine the National Curriculum with WIDA ELD Standards Framework which are research based standards for language acquisition. We believe that all children in Denmark, both native and non-native, should be able to join extra-curricular clubs, Scouts, and feel that they can communicate and access all that Denmark has to offer. Once children reach a high level of fluency in Danish which we generally estimate to take two to three years, they will change to the Dansk som i dansk skole courses.

In Music, Physical Education and Art – we use a combination of the National Common Outcomes and IPC standards to create a hybridized program. These specials occur in Danish as much as possible depending on learners’ current language abilities. This allows both new to Danish students and Danish fluent students to interact in hands-on ways with the language of our host country.