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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We follow a rolling application process and you are free to apply anytime throughout the year. Your child may be called for a screening based on availability of seats.

There are no Application Fees for the 2020 session.

You can apply 2 years in advance of the year you wish to enroll your child in. Admission can be secured only in the actual year the child is eligible to join as the child will need to be assessed before being potentially offered a place .

You are eligible to apply to the school based on the age of the child as of 1st October of the academic year. Typical Age requirements for each grade are as below: Reception: 5+ Year 1: 6+ Year 2: 7+ Actual placement will be based on the child’s assessment. The school has the right to place a child in a grade outside their age range based on the assessment if it is deemed necessary for the proper development of the child

We will invite all children who have applied for admission, for a screening to determine if the child is ready for the grade requested and if VIS is the right school. We will only invite as many students as we have places, so everyone may not be invited. Prior to the screening, we may ask for a report from your child’s present school/ kindergarten. After the assessment, if we find that VIS is the right school for your child, we will offer you a place in our school.

It is not mandatory to be fluent in English to get admission in the initial years. However, our EAL (English as an Additional Language) staff is limited so before offering admission, we will consider whether the EAL support staff and the classroom teacher can serve the student.

If your child is in Denmark he/she needs to attend a screening to assess grade placement. If he/she is not physically in Denmark yet, we will request a report from the current kindergarten/school that the child is attending in his/her current country of residence. We reserve the right to contact the current kindergarten/ school as necessary.

We will invite as many students for screenings as we have places and will inform parents soon after if the child has secured admission to VIS or not.

The enrollment of acce pted applicants is secured through the payment of 8,500 DKK to be made within one week of the date of acceptance. This is a refundable deposit that will be returned when the child leaves the school with all withdrawal conditions (including 3 months’ notice of withdrawal) being met. If you do not join the school on the agreed date then the deposit will not be refunded.